You Don’t Mess With Putin 3D Delayed/Snowden Run going Commercial

The Call Of Duty: Black Ops – Zombies parody “You Don’t Mess With Putin” has been delayed until the holiday period in order to ensure the type of quality befitting a AAA game about Vladimir Putin, even on low-end hardware. Recently Bullet Physics Engine has being integrated into the 3D Engine powering the title, and runs at full-speed on iOS, Android, PC and Mac. The game will launch with one free map, after which a second map will be released as DLC. After this , I am planning to add a campaign mode to this predominantly multi-player title focusing on Putin’s early years as a KGB operative.

In other news, Snowden Run 3D will go commercial in the next couple of days. This is due to the suspiciously low amount of downloads, which do not yield any type of income at all through advertisements used a main mode of monitization. This exclusion of all but two of the three episodes will also lower the threshold to actually download the title due to the decrease in file size.





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