Snowden Run 3D Updated! [Play as Julian Assange...]

A Significant update for Snowden Run 3D has being released today.

It adds new power-ups, characters and a store feature.
The next update will fix bugs and improve level design, there will be no more powerups or characters in the future.

What has being added;

  • You can play as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
  • You can play as the fictional Russian Spy and sister of Julian’s Julia Assange
  • Two Jet packs have being added: the Altruistic Ego Device MK1 and MK2, both can suspend you in mid-air for a given amount of time. It spawns randomly
  • A power-up called “Iron Putin” was introduced, it spawns randomly and summons Vladimir Putin who will destroy all obstacles in your path, clearing the way.
  • A store which allows you to buy aforementioned powerups, eighter with USB Sticks or by making a small donation.
  • A new level-piece has being added to the NSA HQ level, which spoofs the announcement of Microsoft’s “XBox One: Kinect ™”
  • A few new obstacles have being added, more coming soon.
You can play the PC/Mac version here, which is completely unlocked and includes all characters and powerups:
Mike The Spike
(Michele Rocco Smeets)

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